Whale shark Humpback Whale Eco Tour

What do we see?

Our Whale shark Humpback Eco Tours in August and September aim to show you as much as possible of the wonderous Ningaloo Reef and its inhabitants. We use a spotter plane to search for Whale sharks, Humpback Whales, Manta Rays and anything else we can find for you. We don’t restrict ourselves to searching for just one animal, we head out to find as many as possible for you. If we find a Whale shark then we jump in for a swim. If we find Manta Rays first off, then we swim with them, it all depends on the day and what we find as to what you’ll experience on your tour.  Our on board Marine Biologists will be on hand to educate you on our World Heritage listed reef and the marine life in the area and guide you through each encounter.

Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours are one of the few companies in Western Australia to have been granted a licence to swim with Humpback Whales from August - September. Opportunities to enter the water with Humpback Whales will be determined by our specially trained crew. Passenger safety is our priority so swimmers will only be able to enter the water with the Whales if conditions are suitable to do so. Over the past three years that we have conducted our tours our success rate for in water interactions with Humpback Whales is high, averaging 80%. However should you not wish to enter the water with the Whales there is ample opportunity to view the whales and other marine life from all vantage points on the Magellan.

Please note that while we do everything we can to ensure our passengers interact with as much  marine life as possible throughout their day, we are unable to guarantee specific marine interactions. It is a privilege to share the ocean with any marine life and explore their home but mother nature cannot be coaxed into working on a schedule. No refunds or discount offers are available should you not encounter your preferred marine animal.

what happens on a humpback whale swim?

  • Once Humpback Whales have been located and are nearby the crew will assess their behaviour and water conditions
  • If deemed safe to do so, 7 people at one time will be able to enter the water under the guidance of our specially trained crew
  • Passengers will be instructed by our guides to enter the water with a slide in entry and wait as a group for further instruction
  • Our guides will maintain contact with the boat to position you in the ideal position to view the Humpback Whales swim by while maintaining a safe distance between the group and the whales.
  • Once the whales have passed by your group, you will be picked up by the Magellan as another group prepares to experience the very thing that has you grinning from ear to ear.

Swimming with Humpback Whales will require competent snorkelling and swimming abilities.  Humpback Whales can move quickly in any direction and over great distances so there is a physicality when undertaking this activity. Participants should be able to swim/snorkel 100m unaided in open ocean. The crew will have the authority to determine if this activity is not recommended for a particular participant.



Whale shark Humpback Whale Eco Tour
Whale shark Humpback Whale Eco Tour


$360 - Per Swimmer (1-4)
$1350 - Family (2+2) 3-16 yrs
$250pp - Observer
FREE - Infant 2yr and under

Group Discount Swimmer Rates -
Per Booking
$340 - Per Swimmer (5-10)
$320 - Per Swimmer (11-20)

tour overview

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimwear
  • Beach towel
  • Jacket/Jumper or spare change of clothes are recommended in cooler weather.
  • Seasickness medication . If you experience motion sickness please seek advice from a pharmacist prior to your tour.
  1. Maximum of 21 places per tour, and only 7 snorkelers at a time in the water with the Humpback Whales
  2. Highly qualified, knowledgeable and passionate crew
  3. Established company with over 30 years experience
  4. One of the largest boats in the fleet
  5. Spacious, shaded deck area and low marlin board with rails and ladder for accessibility
  6. In water tuition and support, buoyancy aids available as well as a supportive hand to hold if required
  7. Quality equipment in leading brands
  8. We use a spotter plane and pilot with years of experience
  9. Sumptuous meals, snacks and hot and cold refreshments throughout the day
  10. Free photos of your day
  11. Free Manta Ray swims included if they are found
  12. Complimentary Gift pack and certificate

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Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours
Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours

Whale Shark & Humpback Whale Eco Tours

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