Our Boat

Our Boat

The Magellan

Introducing your vessel for the day. The Magellan is considered to be one of the biggest and best charter boats in operation on the Ningaloo Reef via Exmouth. At 20m in length it was custom built by our Captain and company owner Bill McDonald. With over 40 years at sea, Bill designed the Magellan to be comfortable, stable and with commercial tourism in mind. Just perfect for exploring the Ningaloo Reef.

Our Boat


At 20mts in length this is one time where size does matter. With plenty of room for all guests we take a maximum of 20 swimmers on board. Two thirds of the back deck are undercover. This is over 32m2 of shaded seating for your comfort not including the cabin. You can access the bow, the stern and even have a chat to our captain on the fly bridge.

Our Boat


Your safety is our priority. We supply life jackets for all passengers and crew, both Adult’s and Children’s sizes. The boat is equipped with First aid kit in including Oxygen Resuscitation kit, flares and Defibrillator. All staff have their Senior First Aid Certificates.

Our Boat

water entry

Our marlin board is positioned just above water level which allows for ease of entry both in and out of the water. Steps with railing down to the marlin board and a ladder at the back as required. Plus our ever ready deckhands to assist you.

Our Boat


Powered by a MTU Diesel engine you’ll find the Magellan is one of the quicker boats in the fleet. Meaning you’ll never be last to where all the action is


With 14metres of bench seating your view of the ocean will never be obstructed.

disabled access

The Magellan can accommodate Wheel chairs on board. For full access details please call our office to discuss your needs.

The Magellan is fully equipped to ensure your trip with us is an experience you will never forget.

Unless you’re a skipper you may not be interested in the technical specifications of the boat but for those that are feel free to CLICK HERE

Whale Shark swim

Tour available from April – July

Humpback whale swim

Tour available from August – September