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eco tourism

Ecologically sustainable tourism

eco tourism australia kings ningaloo reef tours
eco tourism

Ecologically Sustainable Tourism is what Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours is all about. We are proudly ECO Certified, meaning our tours adhere to best practice and standards for environmentally responsible tourism as determined by Eco Tourism Australia.

We were recently awarded the Eco Tourism Green Travel Leader status. This honour recognises over ten years of operation as an accredited Eco Tourism operator. We are constantly looking to evolve our practices to incorporate the most environmentally conscious methods.

Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours take you to some of the most pristine protected reef spots on the planet within a World Heritage listed Marine Park. What makes our tours unique is the effort we make in educating you about the environment which surrounds you then leaving it exactly how we found it for future generations. Our environmental practices include:

  • Minimise wildlife disturbance with a no touch policy, safe anchoring, visitor education and whale shark interaction training. Our tours will not affect the behaviour of any sea creature.
  • Energy use: High efficiency motors and generators are used and all equipment is serviced regularly to maximise efficiency. The Magellan is fitted with four solar panels to conserve use of the generators, which reduces fuel usage. Solar panels are also used to recharge batteries.
  • The engine is gas emission controlled, by way of on-board computers. 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions are recycled through the engine.
  • The crew use all natural sunscreens that exclude the toxic chemicals that are harmful to our reef system
  • Water supply and conservation: The Magellan is fitted with small sinks; tap aerators; flow regulators on taps; low flow showerhead; dual/low flush environmentally friendly toilets.
  • Noise: The Magellan’s engine, built using the latest engineering technology from Germany, produces virtually no noise or gas emissions. The engine hatch remains closed at all times.
  • Promoting the reduction of single use plastics through education and action.  At the end of every tour we offer a gift of a canvas bag to each of our passengers. It is our hope that they use this bag to replace single use shopping bags in their day to day life. For copies of fact sheets we use please visit Tangaroa Blue
  • We practice what we preach. Our swim uniforms are made from recycled plastics. Sourced from Ningaloo Swimwear you’ll also find items available for purchase in our shop.
  • Waste: all green and compostable waste is removed from the boat at the end of the day and used to feed chickens or a compost bin.
  • Sustainable purchasing and local sourcing where possible.
  • Working with local community groups and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to manage our and others impact on the reef.

Whale Shark swim

Tour available from April – July

Humpback whale swim

Tour available from August – September